Unloading Equipment: durMAX™ Pneumatic Actuator

CECO durMAX™ actuators are designed for maximum gas transmission compressor efficiency.

CECO custom-designs the durMAX™ actuators and unloaders for maximum gas transmission compressor efficiency. Built to API specifications, CECO durMAX™ actuators provide safe, dependable automation to your compressor clearance pockets and unloaders. By supervising installation and training station personnel, CECO assures the successful commissioning and operation of these custom-designed actuators.

Unloading Equipment: Deactivator

CECO’s provides finger-style and plug-style deactivators.

Plug-Style Deactivator

CECO DurMAX™ deactivators can be supplied as a complete unit – ready to install on your compressor. By supervising the installation and training your station personnel, CECO assures the successful commissioning and operation of these custom-designed deactivators.
CECO DurMAX™ deactivators are fail-safe plug type with a balanced piston and open on loss of air pressure. We use two cast-iron rings on the plunger guide allowing the self-aligning plunger to seal properly. The plunger and guide are heat-treated 4140 steel and are hardened to provide long, trouble-free operation.
DurMAX™ deactivators conform to API specs and require only one air supply line. The covered sight glass gives a visual indication of closed or open position. The operating shaft is a high-strength alloy steel and noncorrosive. The operating cylinder has a noncorrosive wear surface for long service life.
Finger-Style Deactivator
CECO's DUR-FLEX® is the world's first long-lasting, low maintenance deactivator that can be used in valves requiring finger-style unloaders and operating up to 1,200 rpm. With small valve diameters, the only effective method of unloading suction valves is through the use of finger style unloaders. Until now, this method was fraught with problems. Finger and valve element breakages are extremely common.

The DUR-FLEX® finger-style deactivator compensates for varying pressure on the valve elements. It is more robust and reliable, eliminating premature failures inherent in older designs.The DUR-FLEX® design allows for the deactivation of valves without damaging them, and does it in a timely, efficient manner. This is accomplished with a unique patent pending self-dampening finger-style construction that eliminates the breakage of fingers or valve sealing elements. The CECO DUR-FLEX® deactivator unloads existing valves with excellent results.

Unloading Equipment: Clearance Pockets

CECO clearance pockets can be custom-designed or reconditioned to fit your operating conditions.

Most high speed units run unattended and the operating conditions continually change. With CECO Automatic Machined Clearance Pockets the units can be kept closer to 100% load. These pneumatically-actuated valve cap unloaders allow you to change load and capacity with varying operation conditions while maintaining high compressor efficiency.
Custom designed and exactly tailored to your size requirements, our machined pockets can be fitted with pneumatic actuators to open and close with a low pressure air or gas signal and comply with API 618 2.7.
For shorter delivery and exact volume, they are made from machined parts–not castings. They are tested to 1.5 times the maximum working pressure. We can assist you in determining the optimum cubic-inch-size pocket required to satisfy your operating conditions.